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Hurricane Safety Tips

  • Remain calm.
  • Continue to watch local news or listen to the radio for weather coverage and updates.
  • Go indoors and stay indoors until the storm has passed. Some people think the storm has passed, but it is actually just the eye of the storm.
  • Turn off circuit breakers before the power goes. Leave one circuit breaker on with a lamp so you will know when the power restored.
  • Use flashlights, not candles or kerosene lamps, during a storm.
  • Stay in your safe room even if you hear breaking glass. Do not risk exposure to hurricane winds.
  • Place animals in carriers.
  • If your house starts to break apart, cover yourself with a mattress. If your safe room is a bathroom with a bathtub, get in the tub under a mattress.
  • Use the phone only for urgent calls. Don't use the phone if you hear thunder.
  • If you are in a very tall building, avoid the top floors, as wind speeds are stronger the higher you go. Go to a safe room and use extreme caution.

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