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Phase 3: Bars

These rules and regulations are effective
immediately and will be in effect until further


  • Per State Order, bars in parishes with “high instances of COVID-19” will continue to be closed to on-site consumption. This was recommended by the White House Coronavirus Task Force. Parishes with a positive rate of less than 5% for two weeks can allow bars to reopen with some restrictions. Parish governments will have to opt in.
  • Only five parishes meet the criteria. If a parish that has opened bars goes above a 10% positivity rate, they will close again. Orleans, Jefferson Davis, St. John the Baptist, Bienville, and Plaquemines would be eligible, according to LDH data. Under State guidelines, JEFFERSON PARISH AND THE CITY OF GRETNA DO NOT MEET THE CRITERIA AND SHALL REMAIN CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.
  • Live music is still prohibited.

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