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Report a Street Light Outage

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You can report a street light outage in one of two ways: Either fill out the form below or directly contact Entergy by clicking on and completing the Entergy Online Street Light Outage Reporting Form or you may call Entergy at 1-800-968-8243 and press 4 to report the street light outage.
You may contact the city to forward your complaint to Entergy by completing the form below.
The vast majority of street lights on utility poles in the city are owned and maintained by Entergy, however, the city owns and maintains other types of lighting and if your light is on an ornamental pole in New Garden Park, Huey P. Long Ave., or on a "concrete" pole in New Garden Park or some areas in the Creagan St. / Mason St. area, our private electrical contractor may have to be contacted. The problem may not be just a burned out bulb, but a power line problem.
Thank you for your complaint, we will attempt to rectify the issue as quickly as possible.
The City of Gretna
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The street light at 200 XYZ Street is out. It is near the corner of the block.