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Filming & Recording Permit Application

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Gretna Film ProductionGretna Film Production
A. Any person wishing to film, record, video or capture images and/or sounds in any manner for distribution or broadcast through television, film or internet, within the City of Gretna and affecting any public street, sidewalk or other public property shall apply for a permit from the city license officer and pay the application fee, not less than 5 days prior to the start of the filming.


B.The permit shall require the following information (please complete the form below):

(1) Name;

(2) Phone number;

(3) Email address;

(4) Physical address;

(5) Driver's license number;

(6) Name of Production Company;

(7) Name of Location Manager;

(8) Name of Producer;

(9) Type of Production;

(10) Cast/Crew Size;

(11) Special Production Notes;



C. Prior to the issuance of a permit, the applicant shall further;


(1) Schedule and meet with representatives from City Hall, Public Works and the Gretna Police Department, to determine the needs and impact of the filming;

(2) Provide proof of general liability insurance, naming the City as an additional insured;


(3) Execute a hold harmless agreement benefiting the City;


(4) Provide a shooting schedule which outlines site prep, shooting and striking the set;


(5) Notify residents and businesses in the neighborhood of desired filming location and upon request; obtain written permission from affected business owners and residents;

(6) Hire a minimum of two Gretna Police Department officers for traffic and crowd control. Only the Gretna Police Department may be used for security, additional outside security must cooperate with the assigned Gretna Police Department detail officers;


(7) Pay in full the associated fees as set for below;



D. Upon the issuance of a permit;


(1) Public Works will provide barricades for all approved street closures


(2) The following fee schedule shall apply


a. Application Fee $150


b. Daily Impact Fee $200 -600 per day


(1) Low Impact Filming-$200 per day

- No discernable interruption of pedestrian traffic (including sidewalks)

- The administration of Intermittent Traffic Control (ITC) in which vehicular traffic is held for no more than two to three minute intervals;

- Minimal impact on normal business or residential activities

- Limited permitted parking on city streets of no more than 4 blocks.


(2).Medium Impact Filming - $400 per day

- The use of simulated gunfire

- The administration of street closures for 1-3 film working days at one location

- Film activity conducted over night time hours

- Limited permitted parking on city streets of no more than 8 blocks


(3) High Impact Filming - $600 per day

- Film activity that exceeds more than five (5) continuous film working days at one location

- High speed car chases or crashes

- Use of pyrotechnics or explosives

- Use of low flying aircraft

- Activity which interrupts pedestrian traffic and/or restricts access to residential and business activity

- Activity that requires bus and transit re-route planning

- Limited permitted parking on city streets of no more than 12 blocks



c. Personnel

(1)Police Officer: Please see Police Detail ordinance

(2)City Site Rep: $35.00 hourly +50% for City recognized holidays

(3)City Engineer: $35.00 hourly +50% for City recognized holidays


d. Location Fees

(1) City Hall: $300.00 hourly

(2) Municipal Parks: $200 hourly + any existing park rental/use fees.

(3) McDonoghville Cemetery: $150 hourly ($300 hourly on holidays)

(4) Municipal Buildings: $200 hourly

(5) Parking Meter Rental: $1 hour

(6) City Administration Parking Rental: $1 hourly weekends only


e. Road Closure Fees (per block):

(1) Residential Neighborhood: $200 first 4 hours, then $50 hourly

(2) Commercial District: $300 first 4 hours, then $75 hourly

(3) Park/Recreation Area: $200 first 4 hours, then $50 hourly

(4) 18 Wheeler Parking: Additional $75 hourly rate per vehicle


f. Signs

"No Parking": $3.00 each



g. Personnel Minimums

(1) All personnel fees are for a minimum of 4 hours

(2)Personnel fees will be charged as a full hour after 15 minutes into the next hour



E. Nothing herein shall apply to the local or national television news media.


F. The mayor for good reason may allow an applicant to apply for a permit less than 5 days prior to the filming but may not for any reason waive any other provision or requirement in this section.

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