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Gretna UDC

Corresponding with the adoption of the Gretna Comprehensive Plan (April 2018), the City has been working diligently to retool its land development regulations into a unified development code (UDC) that reflects the goals and objectives of the Plan.  The UDC will introduce a number of changes to the City’s land development process to streamline outcomes, improve flexibility, increase transparency and promote higher development standards.

The following documents are available for public review and comment prior to adoption:

  1. A summary of proposed changes in the UDC (updated 5.8.19);
  2. Full text of the UDC;
  3. Updated zoning map reflecting UDC changes (updated 5.16.19 to include street names).

Please join City officials for a public forum to learn more about these changes on May 15 at 5:00 pm in the Gretna City Hall – City Council Chambers, 740 2nd Street.

All questions and comments should be directed to Matthew Martinec in the Mayor’s Office at 504.363.1568 or

The Gretna Comprehensive Plan and Unified Development Code process is generously sponsored by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, State of Louisiana Office of Community Development and the Jefferson Parish Department of Community Development.