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Property Taxes

This site provided general information about frequently asked questions about City of Gretna property taxes. Any specifics concerns or questions can be addressed by calling the Department of Taxes and Licensing.

Can I pay my tax bill online?

Yes, you can now make property tax payments online at

What is a millage?

A millage is a tax voted on and approved by voters, renewable every 10 years, and dedicated to provide a particular service, such as:
General Alimony Ambulance
Fire Protection Police Protection
Recreation Rec. Srv.& Soc. Services to the Aged

How is my property tax bill amount determined?

Each year the City  of Gretna establishes its millage rates based on millages approved by the voters. The total millage rate set by the City's governing authority is applied (multiplied) by the assessed value (determined by the Assessor), which results in the property tax bill amount for each year.

How did you arrive at the assessed value?

The assessed value is determined by the Jefferson Parish Assessor, not the City of Gretna.

 How is it determined?

The Louisiana Constitution establishes the assessment on residential property at 10% of its fair market value and commercial property at 15%. Each Parish has an Assessor, whose responsibility is to assess each piece of property within the Parish, which the City of Gretna is a part of. Your property assessment is determined by taking 10% of the fair market value (including land and improvements). For example: Property valued at $70,000, the assessed value would be $7,000, which is 10% of its fair market value.

If I have a question regarding my property's assessed value or a change of address?

Your call should be directed to the Jefferson Parish Assessor's Office at (504) 362-4100. In addition, change of address may be directed in writing to the Assessor's Office located at 200 Derbigny Street, First Floor, Gretna, LA 70053.

When are taxes due?

Taxes are due are due upon receipt and payable by December 31 of each year and thereafter 1% interest is added to any unpaid bill each month.

What will occur if I do not pay my tax bill?

The Louisiana Constitution authorizes the tax collector as of the expiration of the year for which taxes due to advertise and sell property for which the property taxes have not been paid in the manner prescribed by law for judicial sales. If your property has been the subject of a tax sale, the redemption period as prescribed by law is three years from the date of recordation of said sale.

How do I redeem your tax sale property?

Please contact the Tax and License Department at: (504) 363-1555.

When are tax payments considered delinquent?

If postmarked by December 31, payment is considered received timely.