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Planning & Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Department plays a critical role in the development and growth of the City. The department ensures that appropriate, context sensitive development occurs within the City’s framework for long range planning. The City is undergoing exciting changes relative to planning and zoning that can be explored in depth below.

Site Plan Review

The City uses the Site Plan Review process to ensure compliance with current development codes and overall compatibility of new development. Depending on the scope of the (re)development, the Planning and Zoning Official triggers the Site Plan Review process. Following consultation with the Planning and Zoning Official, applicants may have to file a site plan review application to initiate the site plan review process.  The site plan review application can be found here.

2019 Site Plan Review Calendar

Resubdivision Requests

Lots needing resubdivision in the City of Gretna require City Council approval. It is recommended that individuals needing a resubdivision should contact the Planning/Zoning Official as soon as possible to determine what materials are needed to proceed. At a minimum, this is a 60-day approval process. The resubdivision application may be found here.

Rezoning Requests

Occasionally, existing zoning may not be practical for a specific property. In this case, the City has a process for reviewing rezoning request applications. It is recommended that individuals requesting a rezoning contact the Planning/Zoning Official as soon as possible to determine what materials are needed to proceed. At a minimum, this is a 60-day approval process.

Variance Requests

Variances to the City’s land development regulations are considered by City Council and must meet the required approval criteria, including having a clear physical hardship.  Before requesting a variance, applicants are encouraged to contact the City’s Planning and Zoning official.  The variance application can be found here.


Property zoning district classifications can be found using the online Geoportal system at Individuals can review zoning classifications by selecting Layers > Districts > Zoning and then searching for a specific property address.

Development Code

The City is currently working to change all the administrative procedures and codes that govern land development within the City through a United States Department of Housing and Urban Development Disaster Recovery Grant. We encourage residents to keep up to date with our Gretna Comprehensive Plan process if they would like to contribute their ideas to this process (see Gretna Comprehensive Plan section below).

Until then, you can view the current codes governing land development in our City through Municode here.

UPDATE: Our full Unified Development Code is available to review here.

Gretna Downtown 2020

Working with the public and the Tulane Regional Urban Design Center, the City of Gretna released its first small area plan in April 2016 focusing on improving the vibrancy of the downtown area. Gretna Downtown 2020 focuses on achievable design interventions that would help generate more activity within Downtown Gretna. The City is actively positioning projects to support the Gretna Downtown 2020 plan. The full Gretna Downtown 2020 report can be found here (14MB).

Gretna Comprehensive Plan

The GRETNA COMPREHENSIVE PLAN is a guiding document for the City to use to think about the next 20-30 years. The Plan includes analysis and recommendations for everything – from land use decisions to infrastructure development. The Plan reflects extensive public participation for defining the future of our City. As the Plan’s community vision statement captures,

“Our vision for the City of Gretna is to build upon the City’s strong foundation of community, while respecting the past and embracing the future, to improve existing infrastructure, enhance commercial corridors, and promote walkable and bikeable neighborhoods. The new connections should link our parks, diverse communities, and commercial centers, as well as connect the City to the Region, making the City a more united whole that is a premiere place to live, work and raise a family.”

For the full plan and executive summary please visit our dedicated Gretna Comprehensive Plan page here.

Questions regarding the Plan can be directed to Matthew Martinec in the Mayor’s Office at

Department Contact Information


Azalea Roussell, Planning and Zoning Official

Danielle Miller, GIS Planner