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We want You in Gretna Slogan

KEEP HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE SEPARATE FROM STORM DEBRIS. There will be no pickup of white goods (appliances) or recycling until further notice.
Permitting fees for Ida related repairs temporarily waived.
Click here for the Operation Blue Roof Program


Gretna Downtown 2020 Logo

Working with the public and the Tulane Regional Urban Design Center, the City of Gretna released its first small area plan in April 2016 focusing on improving the vibrancy of the downtown area. Gretna Downtown 2020 focuses on achievable design interventions that would help generate more activity within Downtown Gretna. The City is actively positioning projects to support the Gretna Downtown 2020 Plan. Questions regarding the Plan may be directed to Matthew Maritnec in the Mayor’s Office at  The full Plan can be found here (14MB).

“I believe it is critical for the City of Gretna to share a collective vision for the long-term success of downtown, building upon the hard work of our city and citizens who have already brought countless activities, cultural events, and economic development to downtown. Gretna Downtown 2020 will serve as a blueprint for continued improvements in the public realm over the next 5 years and beyond.”

-Mayor Belinda Constant

The Downtown Drainage Project Breaks Ground Oct. 18, 2019