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As per the Stay at Home Order, which the entire state of Louisiana is now under, the City of Gretna has closed all public recreational areas such as playgrounds and dog parks. These closures and the Stay at Home Order are for the protection and safety of our community. Garbage service will continue operating as normal. Recycling and bulk waste pickup has been temporarily suspended until further notice.

Flood Mitigation

Flooding and its impact are ongoing concerns for the citizens of Gretna. To address this problem, the City administration authorized a flood mitigation planning effort. Over a period of months, a Mitigation Planning Committee met to review what could be done to reduce the safety hazards, health hazards and property damage caused by flooding and related drainage problems. The Committee produced a Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan to guide the City’s hazard mitigation efforts. The Committee reviewed a variety of mitigation measures, organized under five general strategies:

  • Preventive – e.g., zoning, building codes and other developmental regulations
  • Property protection – e.g., relocation out of harm’s way, retrofitting buildings, insurance
  • Emergency services – e.g., warning, sandbagging, evacuation
  • Flood control – e.g., levees, stormwater management, drainage improvements
  • Public information – e.g., outreach projects, technical assistance to property owners

The City of Gretna currently falls under the Jefferson Parish Multijurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan (2015). All residents are encouraged to use the Jefferson Parish Community Alert System (JPAlert). Residents can sign up at this link.

Elevation Certificates

The department keeps copies of elevation certificates on file for public reference. Click here to access any elevation certificates that may be available.

Contact Information

For questions regarding flood mitigation, please contact Danika Gorrondona, the City’s Floodplain Manager at 504.363.1563.