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City Park Concepts

In 2017, the City of Gretna recently partnered with the Tulane Regional Urban Design Center to come up with a concept that better addressed neighborhood, ecological and environmental needs within Gretna City Park. The final concept, which the City is working to implement, better connects the park to the neighborhood, improves ecological functionality and provides numerous opportunities for green infrastructure features. The full concept report can be found here.

In April 2018, working with State of Louisiana Strategic Adaptations for Future Environments (LA-SAFE) program funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the City was awarded approximately $5.6 million to support improvements within the Gretna Resilience District – focusing on Gretna City Park.  The City is currently working with the design team to put forth a project that balances needs for flood mitigation, recreational amenities and other improvements to benefit the neighborhood.

Throughout 2019, the City engaged a design team and continued to work with the neighborhood to assist in refining concepts related to Gretna City Park.  The full phasing strategy, inclusive of the LA-SAFE award, can be found here.  Following an expedited design process, Phase I improvements are scheduled to begin construction in early 2021.


The full set of boards presented at the public meeting and corresponding with the video can be found here.  Please direct all comments and questions to Matthew Martinec, Director of Planning and Major Projects at or 504.363.1568.