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Public Utilities

The Public Utilities Department’s primary responsibility is the delivery of safe drinking water and discharge of wastewater within the City of Gretna. The Department consists of multiple sub department functions, including: Municipal Water Productions, Public Water Supply, Municipal Wastewater Treatment, Sanitary Sewer Collection, Utility Billing and City Street Lighting.

Water Billing

All water billing is handled at Gretna City Hall. Water bills are sent out every month and reflect charges related to water consumed in addition to sewer, trash/recycling, mosquito control and state mandated safe drinking water fees. Water bills can be paid in-person at City Hall, through the Kiosk (checks, cash, or debit/credit card) or Deposit Box (checks only) outside City Hall, and through our Make a Payment page. Please note that all billing inquiries, including disruption of service due to non-payment will only be handled during regular business hours, 8am-4:00pm Monday through Friday.

Updated Utility Rates Effective 6/1/2023

Water$14.02 min (1st 2000 Gal.) + 4.73 each add. 1000 Gal.$22.05 min (1st 2000 Gal.) + 6.48 each add. 1000 Gal.
Sewer$14.94 min (1st 2000 Gal.) + 5.45 each add. 1000 Gal.$23.63 min (1st 2000 gal.) + 5.45 each add. 1000 Gal.
Mosquito Control$2.32$2.32
Safe Water Fee
(LA DHH Mandate)
 Water Sales TaxDeferred2 percent


New Service Connections

Residential Deposit$100.00 (Owner) / $175.00 (Renter)
Commercial Deposit¾ inch meter$150.00
1 inch meter$250.00
1 ½ inch meter$275.00
2 inch meter$300.00
Irrigation meter$100.00
Meter Installation Rates¾ inch meter$750.00
1 inch meter$1,000.00
1 ½ inch meter$1,500.00
2 inch meter$2,000.00
¾ inch irrigation meter$450.00

Image of a Backflow Preventer

Backflow Prevention Notice to Commercial Customers

The State of Louisiana Department of Health requires all locations be equipped with backflow preventers to ensure no contamination of the public water system. All customers must have their backflow devices inspected prior to December 31st of each year and provide a copy of the inspection report to the Gretna Water Department. Any non-complying customer may have an interruption of water service until the inspection report is provided. Please read more about these requirements here.

Download the Backflow Water Use Survey Here

Report Street Light Outage

You can report a street light outage in one of two ways: Fill out the form below or directly contact Entergy by clicking on and completing the Entergy Street Light Outage Form or you may call Entergy at 1.800.968.8243 and press 4 to report the street light outage.


You may submit a street light outage notification through the City’s website.


The majority of the Street Lights on Utility Poles (2,100 lights) are owned and maintained by Entergy. The City owns and maintains the following lights listed below (500+ lights):

All Ornamental Lights in:

  • New Garden Park,
  • 1st Street from Lafayette Street to Huey P. Long Avenue,
  • Mary Ann Place Subdivision,
  • Huey P. Long Avenue from 6th Street to 11th Street,
  • Hancock Street from Kepler to Virgil Street,
  • Complete Huey P. Long Avenue from 1st Street to 6th Street,
  • 4th Street Extension from Richard Street to Burmaster Street.

Aluminum Pole Lights in:

  • Timberlane Subdivision
  • Dulcich Dr. Area
  • Ashton Cox Street Area
  • New England Court Area
  • Bellevue Subdivision

All Concrete Light Poles from Cedar Lane to Oak Lane, between Mason Street and Creagan Avenue.

Report Emergency Water/Sewer Issues

Please call 504.363.1540 (24/7)

If personnel are temporarily unavailable, please leave a brief message and your call will be returned shortly.

Department Contact Information

Ron Johnson, Interim Director – 504.363.1540
Mahmoud Bahman, Utility Billing Supervisor – 504.363.1560
Water Treatment Plant – 504.363.1540
Wastewater Treatment Plant – 504.363.1551