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Public Works

The Public Works Department provides essential services that affect the daily lives of everyone who lives and works in Gretna, primarily through the construction, maintenance and management of the City’s drainage and street networks. The Department has dedicated crews responsible for street maintenance, drainage maintenance and parks and parkways maintenance.

What You Can Do to Help Our Drainage System Work Properly

We need residents and business owners to proactively address drainage issues in the City. That means keeping an eye out for potential problems in your neighborhood. Please consider the following issues:

  • clean all debris around drains, catch basins and drop inlets to ensure storm water can enter the drainage system
  • do not park over storm drains during a rain event
  • prevent chemicals, fertilizers and other effluent from entering the drainage system

Report an Issue

To report an issue with the City’s streets, drainage or parkways network, please contact the Public Works Department at the number listed below. The Department office is open 8am-4pm, Monday through Friday.


Report an issue through the City’s website.

Department Contact Information


Danny Lasyone, Director
Dina Matthews, Office Manager