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Political Sign Restrictions

City Hall has received a number of calls regarding regulations associated with political signage. The following information is in our Code of Ordinances: Section 58-252 (m) g2 of the Gretna Code of Ordinances (see below) restricts the placement of political signs to 60 days prior to the upcoming election.

Chapter 58 -Zoning and Subdivisions; Article IV.-Signs; Sec. 58-252. -Sign design standards; Paragraph (m) Temporary signs. (1) Criteria; Subparagraph g. Political signs. 

2. Political signs for candidate or proposition shall be allowed temporarily without a permit 60 days prior to a Special Primary Election, Special General Election, Municipal Primary Election, Municipal General Election, Open Primary Election or Congressional Election and shall be promptly removed by the property owner within 15 days following said election of a candidate or passage/defeat of a proposal.

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