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Program for Public Information

Jefferson United Mitigation Professionals (JUMP), the Jefferson Parish-based Community Rating System (CRS) Users Group, is comprised of Unincorporated Jefferson Parish, the Cities of Gretna, Harahan, Kenner, Westwego, and the Town of Jean Lafitte. Part of JUMP’s mission is to take action in protecting the people and property of Jefferson Parish from future flooding. JUMP developed a Program for Public Information (PPI) in coordination with participants from real estate, banking, insurance, and other private sectors and is the first group in Southeast Louisiana to complete and adopt a Multijurisdictional PPI!

The PPI serves as an official strategy for joint education and outreach efforts focusing on flood protection. The benefits of a Multijurisdictional PPI include a comprehensive outreach approach by providing communities and residents with clear, coordinated messages that are delivered in a cost-effective and consistent manner. The better access residents have to the flood risk and impacts, the higher chance these residents will be prepared to take action to reduce their risk. The result is a well-informed public, safer living environment, and lower costs associated with flood loss.

Updated in 2020, you can find the Program for Public Information (PPI) here.

Annual Evaluation Reports:

PPI Activities

Night Out Against Crime (Outreach project #17)

The city’s floodplain management staff hosts a booth at the annual Gretna Night Out Against Crime to provide information about flood mitigation and to answer any residents’ questions.

Drain Markers (Outreach Project #7)

Members of the Jefferson United Mitigation Professionals (JUMP) mark storm drains, reminding residents that only rain should go down the drain.

Tree Planting (Outreach Project #11)

This activity gets volunteers into the natural environment to plant 1,000 cypress trees annually. The trees improve the natural floodplain function, mitigate soil erosion, and provide habitat.

Post & Maintain Endangered Species Signs (Outreach Project #53)

Cautionary signs about the Pallid Sturgeon (an endangered species) were erected along the Mississippi River in the City of Gretna. The signs inform residents on the presence and prohibited activities pertaining to the species under the Endangered Species Act.