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Protect your Home or Business from Flooding

Did you know just a few inches of floodwater can cost thousands of dollars in damage? Don’t risk your home or business. Consider the flood proofing techniques in the box below to minimize or eliminate your potential for flood damage.

Minimize flood damage by implementing these measures:

Temporary MeasuresPermanent Measures
  • Sand bags
  • Elevating buildings or contents
  • Plywood
  • Build flood wall or closure
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Place water heater, air conditioner, washer and dryer on platforms
  • Water-inflated barriers
  • Backflow valve on sewer
  • Battery powered sump pump
  •  Slope soil and redirect gutters away from building

Visit the LSU AgCenter webpage Preventing Flood Damage for information about flood proofing options. Call Danika Gorrondona at (504) 363-15673 to request a site visit to discuss local flood problems and to get advice on flood proofing techniques for your community.

Before proceeding with retrofitting measures or any construction and development, (i.e. filling, dredging and remodeling) check with the Building Department for applicable building codes, permit requirements, zoning restrictions or to report illegal development.

Grant funds may be available to assist with permanent flood proofing measures. Call the Jefferson Parish Floodplain Management and Hazard Mitigation Department at (504) 736-6540 to learn if you are eligible for any funding sources.