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As per the Stay at Home Order, which the entire state of Louisiana is now under, the City of Gretna has closed all public recreational areas such as playgrounds and dog parks. These closures and the Stay at Home Order are for the protection and safety of our community. Garbage service will continue operating as normal. Recycling and bulk waste pickup has been temporarily suspended until further notice.

Repetitive Loss Area Analysis

A Repetitive Loss Area Analysis (RLAA) is an in-depth look at areas that have experienced multiple losses from flooding. During this analysis, detailed building information is collected through field visits to develop an understanding of the causes of repetitive flood damage at those sites. The purpose of a RLAA is to generate specific guidance on mitigation solutions for individual buildings or areas, in contrast to a community-wide approach presented in a hazard mitigation or floodplain management plan.

Jefferson Parish, in conjunction with the City of Gretna, conducted an area analysis for two repetitive loss areas identified within the city and developed a report to help property owners reduce their risk of future flooding by providing an understanding of the flood risk, flooding sources and resources for mitigation. The final report was adopted by the Gretna City Council on August 8, 2018 and can be viewed by clicking here or on the image below.

Image of Repetititive Loss Area Analysis report front cover