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Stay Safe

Protecting the lives of the residents of the City of Gretna is a priority during actual or potential flood hazards. The City strongly recommends the following to ensure personal safety in such instances:

  • Adhere to and monitor the Jefferson Parish flood warning system (JPAlert)
  • Know your evacuation route
  • Avoid rising water

The City advises all citizens to sign up for the Jefferson Parish Flood Warning System, JPAlert.

JP Alert Registration Graphic

This system provides early notification of flooding conditions. If emergency officials tell you to evacuate, go immediately to safe shelter. You can register for notifications on this system. Once registered, it is important to understand the differences between the various alerts issued:

Flood warning levels

In all alert instances listen to local stations for information and instructions. Keep a supply of fresh batteries on hand to operate a portable radio in case electrical power is lost. Tune your portable radio to 870 AM or 101.9 FM for emergency broadcasts.

Know Your Evacuation Route
It is important to know your evacuation route ahead of time. If emergency officials announce an evacuation in your area, go immediately to safe shelter, which parish officials will announce at the time of an event. Before you leave your home, turn off electricity at the main panel if time permits (and only if it is in a dry area) and shut off gas and water at the main valves.

When evacuating, leave as early as possible before tropical storm force winds and storm surge cause road closures. Leaving early will also help you avoid possible traffic jams and road restrictions that will be in place after contraflow is implemented. Do you know your evacuation route? Click here to access the LA Evacuation Map and Southeast LA Contraflow Routes. If you area a Jefferson Transit (JeT) rider, check out the Jefferson Transit Hurricane Evacuation Map. If you are a citizen of incorporated Gretna and need assistance reaching an evacuation pickup location, you can register here for evacuation assistance.

Avoid Rising Water
If you are ever caught in a building by suddenly rising water, move to a higher floor or the roof. Take a tool in case you need to break through the roof. Take drinking water, a flashlight, and a portable radio. Wait for help.

Do not attempt to walk or drive through flood water. If you car stalls in a flooded area, abandon it. Drainage ditches and canals carry fast moving flood water and are extremely dangerous during hazardous conditions.