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Hurricane Ida storm debris pickup was completed October 20, 2021. All storm debris left out for pickup is the responsibility of the property owner or their contractor.

The City of Gretna contracts with Waste Connections to pick up residential and commercial garbage, trash and white goods.

Collection Schedule

Garbage and Trash pickup for all residents and businesses NORTH of the Westbank Expressway is done on MONDAY and THURSDAY. Those on the SOUTH side of the Westbank Expressway will be picked up on TUESDAY and FRIDAY.

Collection by the contractor shall not commence before 6am and shall be completed by 8pm. Material authorized to be collected shall not be set out at curbside prior to 4pm on the day preceding the regular collection day. No collections shall be made on Sunday. All uncollected material exceeding collection standards and empty containers shall be removed from the curbside by 9am on the day following garbage collection.

Twice a week collection and disposal for the City of Gretna south of the Westbank Expressway collection days are Tuesday/Friday and north of the Expressway the collections days are Monday/Thursday. Timberlane Subdivision’s collection days are Tuesday/Friday. Please put your bulky items out for collection on the second collection day of the week. Debris piles are not to exceed 6-foot square and 4-feet tall.

Waste Connections will supply to all customers a 96-gallon cart. The cart will remain the property of Waste Connections; if it breaks we fix it, if you move please leave it.

Construction Debris, Concrete, Liquid Paint and Mud are PROHIBITED.

To assure service on assigned day, garbage should be placed on the curb after 4pm the day before collection day. By City ordinance, the containers cannot be placed on the curb earlier than 4pm the day before collection day and must be retrieved and returned no later than 9am the day after collection day.

Service for the disabled will be handled on a case to case basis. Please call Waste Connections at 1.877.747.4374.


Prior to holidays, check the City of Gretna website for schedule. Waste Connections has the option to observe New Year’s Day, Mardi Gras Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, but may run normal schedules. Check our homepage to confirm holiday schedules.

Utilize old garbage cans to place out excess waste. Please containerize waste whenever possible.


Curbside recycling resumes the week of December 6, 2021. Recycling will be picked up on your 2nd trash pickup day of the week.

Residential utility customers are provided with one standard recycle bin.

What goes in the bin?

Paper products
Corrugated cardboard and boxboard
Steel and ferrous, metal food containers and lids
Plastics – coded 1 and 2
Aluminum cans

Items not accepted
Aerosol spray cans
Containers that held oil
Paint or pesticides
Styrofoam-like egg cartons, packing peanuts
Plastic grocery bags
Pizza boxes and other food contaminated cardboard
Coated take-out boxes

Download the flyer for materials accepted for recycling here.


To contact us by telephone in the Gretna area, our number is 1.877.747.4374.

Garbage Rates

These charges will appear on your monthly Gretna water bill.
$14.50 per residential household unit.
$32.50 for non-profit organizations.
$43.50 for small business accounts – Prior authorization and limitations apply.
For apartments with 3 or more units, the rate is $43.50 for the 1st unit plus $14.50 for each additional unit.

White Goods

Each household can dispose of a maximum of two white goods (refrigerators, water heaters, washer/dryer etc.) per year. Customarily, these items are picked up on your first service day. NO white goods will be collected from commercial locations. Concerns can be addressed by calling Waste Connections at 1.877.747.4374 or 504-349-2657.

Holiday Collection Schedule

The contractor may elect to observe the following holidays:

  • January – New Year’s Day
  • January – Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Revolves – Mardi Gras Day
  • July – Independence Day
  • September – Labor Day
  • November – Thanksgiving Day
  • December – Christmas Day

Specific information on the holiday schedule will be published in The New Orleans Times Picayune (or the City’s Official Journal) within 48 hours of the observed holiday. Although your scheduled day may change, you will still have twice-a-week service.

Drop Off Site

Should you wish to dispose of bulk trash yourself, you may use the Jefferson Parish Drop Off Site at 6250 Lapalco Boulevard (near Ames Boulevard) in Marrero. This service is NOT INCLUDED in the above rates and residents of Gretna and Jefferson Parish will be charged a fee of $14.00 for a pick-up truckload and $21.00 for trailers. Material containing asbestos or asbestos roofing is not allowed. Commercial users will be charged a higher fee to use this site.

The site is open Tuesday through Sunday, 10am to 6:30pm.